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Totally Hott News

Dear Totally Hott Guests,

As we near a very exciting time for our two new mommys-to-be Katy and Filomena, we do want to take the time to keep you updated on schedule changes and maternity leave dates. Our front desk is happy to help accommodate future booking of appointments and with any other help you may need. Your support and patience during this eventful and busy time in their lives is very much appreciated.

  • April 26, 2017 will be Filomena’s last Wednesday working. Her new schedule will be Thursday- Saturday.
  • June 17, 2017 will be Katy’s last day before maternity leave, returning August 17, 2017.
  • July 15, 2017 will be Filomena’s last day, returning September 7th 2017.
  • Totally Hott will be closed the week of July 25th reopening on August 1, 2017.
  • Hott Blowdry Bar will be open and happy to take appointments during that time.

Thank You,

Totally Hott Salon

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What A Wonderful Year!

What a wonderful year! It is Totally Hott Salon’s one year anniversary, and we are moving forward into our second year with excitement! Sending a big thank you to our wonderful clientele and staff! We have been overwhelmed with the amount of new clients and friends we have welcomed into Totally Hott Salon. Stay tuned for upcoming summer promotions & events. Cuts, color, treatments, hilites, balayage, ombre & more at Totally Hott Salon in Rye Brook, NY.

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5 Totally Hott Hair Colors to try this Spring

The seasons are changing and it’s time for a hair color update as the weather warms. So what’s the best hair color to try for Spring 2017?  Here are five new hair color’s that are totally HOTT for Spring.


Totally Hott Salon - Haircolor and Haircut Westchester County New York

Honey Bronde

It’s not quite blonde, it’s not quite brunette, it’s a perfect mixture of both. This is a classic neutral look that oozes sophistication and suits everyone. Honey Bronde hair can have many tones and variations to perfectly suit your skin tone and overall style. You can experiment and go lighter and darker with caramel shades for deeper or lighter tones. Balayage is one of our specialities!

Totally Hott Salon - Haircolor and Haircut Westchester County New York

Rose Gold

Looking for a warmer tone or rose gold glow? Rose Gold is perfect for those who want to tip their toe in red and have a glamorous touch of warmth, even if you don’t tan. Add a touch of color and warmth to your overall style for an effortlessly stunning look. Rose Gold hair is the up and coming cool hairstyle that keeps blowing up all over social media, and why wouldn’t it? It’s the ultimate cool girl hair trend.

Totally Hott Salon - Haircolor and Haircut Westchester County New York

White Blonde

Striking white blonde is for those who want to stand out and create contrast. Platinum white blonde is the ultimate fashion statement in hairstyles for spring 2017. White Blonde is an ongoing fashion trend that keeps being modernized exclusively to suit new styles. Going lighter but significantly brighter is a fashion statement and totally hott trend that really takes your style to the next level.

Totally Hott Salon - Haircolor and Haircut Westchester County New York

Chocolate Brown

This incredibly rich shade perfectly compliments any skin tone, with even the most simplest of hairstyles. The cool deep color is luscious and perfectly suits the most sophisticated and casual looks. Vibrant chocolate hues are popular all year round.

Totally Hott Salon - Haircolor and Haircut Westchester County New York

Hot Red

The Hott Red color dominates the trends for Spring 2017. As we transition to the warmer months your hairstyle can too. A shimmering fiery red is the ultimate fashion statement that compliments your style effortlessly. Rose gold shades and bright orange undertones are also highly recommended for those wanting to show stop with red shades this spring.


Ready for an update? We’ll get your hair TOTALLY HOTT! Color, cuts, balayage, hilites, treatments, and more! Book your Totally Hott seat at 914.506.5566.

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